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Anyone remember the first and final 100k?
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I think it was 1k to enter and if you won first round you got your money back then raced for no round money until the final. Only lasted one year but I wonder if it could survive in today’s mega money bracket racing world

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was that a George Howard race?
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It was a rough weekend for this race due to the weather. A lot of racers didn't show up due to the forecast. The ones who were there seemed to like the format. I'm not sure why Royce didn't try it again.


(Cut and pasted from MIR's website)

"One of the biggest complaints heard from racers coast to coast is the inability to at least be able to earn their entry fee back without having to win several tough rounds of competition. Well an attempt to change that issue has been made; and its dynamic new purse structure is so unique… it’s getting its very own patent!

Royce Miller, noted racer and operator of Maryland Int’l Raceway, welcomes and invites you to experience this innovative concept coming up on August 28-30th, 2009 – which has been branded the Inaugural ATI Performance Products “First & Final”, presented by AutoFab Race Cars!

So listen up… here’s how this creature rolls! Three separate races will be run with the concept starting with 100% payback of the racer’s entry fees! That’s right, win just one round and YOUR ENTIRE ENTRY FEE will be awarded right back to you! Now, this leaves exactly 1/2 of all the entry fees collected still in the pot - which goes directly to the top to be paid to the winner!

Now, this event does NOT have round money, but for good reason. “We all know what happens at these races when we get down to the final 8-16 cars,” Miller points out, “everyone just seems to get together and split the remaining purse up! This race will be no different; and as a matter of fact I will personally get involved in moving the purse around in the final rounds.” Just don’t forget the best part however… If you win first round, you not only have 100% of your entry fee back – you also get a FREE shot at that potentially massive $100,000 & up winner jackpot!

Let’s crunch some numbers to show case in point… Friday’s race and Sunday’s race will both have a $200 entry fee. Should there be 200 cars to enter, then all 1st round winners will receive their $200 BACK! The winner’s share will then be $20,000 (which the racers are allowed to split up whenever and however they choose). Please keep in mind that there will be 100% payback; so if more cars do show up, it would simply just make the winner purse bigger and bigger! Then on Saturday, the entry fee jumps to $1,000 – creating that staggering total purse potential of $100,000+ to the winner!

Another unique aspect about this event will be the “AutoFab Race Cars Team Brawl” on Sunday. This is a team competition tournament where racers will be able to choose up to eight team members who will race for $8,000 to split with no additional entry fee!

The ATI Performance Products “First & Final” - your treasure chest of good fun, new concepts… and uh, did we mention a possible ONE HUNDRED GRAND?!?"

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Didn’t Driskoll win 100k at Stanton before this?

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Originally posted by jeremy341a:
Didn’t Driskoll win 100k at Stanton before this?

They're not saying it was the first 100K race. "First and Final" was the name of the event, due to the payout structure.

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That is interesting. Low risk with big shiny apple dangling out there.

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