A week of ironics
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Ok I posted about getting messagfe about a guy in Wisconsin finding our old FC body. Well that was funny.

Then we find pics of Hot Tuna car which is what we bought for FC and then changed body and had our paint scheme on it. Then I find pic of Starr rider 1 at its first outing at Rockingham. Then few more pics of our car.

Today I turn on FB to see if guy with body has gotten back to me. I see that Chris McBride posted vidoe of pro mods at piedmont in BA/D injected nitro group.

So I was almost born at Piedmont dragway. We had track record for 9 years,first car to run a 3 second pass. My lil borhter drives a A/fuel car for long time family friend which I do clutch and help tune on.Yet vidoe of cars at piedmont posted by Chris McBride(not me) is in the A/fuel group. Just too damn many ironics for anyone.

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