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"Me? I’m one of those who enjoy it; watching sportsman cars, not watching paint dry. But that’s because I know first-hand the job it takes to race and the skill involved. "

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I get it. Fuel cars mean a potty break for me. Sportsman cars are where it's at for me.

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I think anyone that reaches the final "4" simply would like to get as much exposure for themselves as well as any sponsors that they might have. I can't blame anyone for wanting those things as even if the finish position/contingency money is short, the future possibilities with new or more sponsors can be lucrative.

The question about three time shots at national events isn't anything that I could answer. It is a question I have wondered about at bracket events. More and more on multiple day events we are looking at two shots on Saturdays and probably none on Sunday - unless you're a new entry. I understand that everyone wants to get it done and get home but I have to wonder about a few things. I get it that most of us have a zillion runs logged on our stuff and pretty much know via weather, curve of the earth and who knows what else, what our stuff will run at the moment. That's great, but I always wonder how many people do we chase off from Sundays that really, honestly feel that they need at least one time shot?

Then we get to our regular weekly programs. When I first started racing and we had finally replaced the flagman with the 5 bulb tree, really fast cars were in the high-9s in the 1/4, more were in the 10s and most were slower than that. We also had huge turnouts every Saturday or Sunday - parking was dense and it was an all day affair to get to the finals. Spectators were plentiful, we raced 1/4 mile and everyone had three time shots. Races were normally finished unless it rained. We had multiple classes/ET Breaks going down the strip that covered anything that showed up.

We all know what it looks like today. Maybe a 1/3 or less of the cars, 1/8th mile racing and 2 time shots if nothing blows up. We are obviously getting through the day a lot faster - right? Spectators are mostly us and the new guy/gal in the stands figures that they don't stand a chance or don't have any idea that they can race their own car. I asked my track last year to come up with a simple one page document that could be handed out at tech or even the entrance and put on the website that would inform a person about what to do on race day. A "How to Drag Race" item. That didn't happen, maybe more cars racing would increase the overhead? I'm not a track owner/operator so I don't have that answer. I was thinking that it might increase participation and it might also reduce confusion for the new person. A tech person waving their hands at you doesn't mean a thing unless you have an inkling of what they might want you to do. I also often wonder about all of the drag cars that are sitting in their trailers or garages, covered up and maybe never seeing the strip again. Sure, money is probably the main issue but is it possible that the fun part isn't there for many of them now? Take a look at old video, old hot rod movies or even pictures in a magazine - people were entertained. I know there are a lot of other things to entertain people today but I don't think any of them are as exciting as drag racing - that's just my personal take on it.
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"You reap what you sow." B*ybacks and all the other gimmicks used to finance a substantial purse. And another one of my well worn axioms: "Volunteers can't be victims." Take care. Tom Worthington

If it seems that bracket racing has gotten too expensive for you, maybe you are just doing it wrong.
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Then there is those that "won't take my car out of the trailer for that small purse". The fun has gone
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Originally posted by ferndaleflyer:
Then there is those that "won't take my car out of the trailer for that small purse". The fun has gone

And most of them have never had a share in the purse.

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The flip side. I am not knocking local trac k race guys here. Folks who run 8 or 9 rounds because of multiple buy backs,race same guy 3 times some nights,but will not race big money race.Its either to many cars and lots of runs(normally close to same) or cost of entry.
The cost thing I kind of get. Then you are there for 3 days and run 3 to 5 races with only one travel cost. Point is they will run same number of rounds which means have to win same number f times with chance at 1000 compared to running for 20,000.

As for watching it. I can watch for while but can not watch for 2 or 3 hours straight. I know lots say fuel cars are fire and noise show. For me its watching what they do with tuning the cars. Lots more one thing cause another change requirement which means you have to change this also stuff going one. Its the ultimate brain teaser test IMO. Maybe comes from my love of tuning a car.
Yes making one run exact same number every run is a challenge also. Yes definitely driving the number is harder than flat out balls to the wall runs,but damn those are fun.

Hell as long as its drag racing its cool.

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