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Sold all my slowmocopo Camaro complete, made some money and now I've decided or should I say my health has decided that there will be no more wrenching on race cars, but before I could stop myself, I bought a 2004 Monte Carlo ss supercharged, the previous owner had just spent close to 7k in parts on the car(new everything) so I will be bracket racing a FWD car. I had great luck with my 3.8. Oldsmobile FWD but this Monte Carlo ss came with 235.55/16 Hankook tires, my question is what type of psi do I run the tires? I've just finish changing the yoke spline on the supercharger(it was loose) change the belt to bypass the aircond and will be installing an trans oil cooler(bigger) and pan. Any help will be appreciated. thank
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In my experience, regular street use radials don't like low air pressure at all. Unless you're running a drag radial, somewhere in the 32-36 range is about optimal.

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