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Just got off the phone with them told them I had an offer from dish tv for the same channels for less money at a locked rate and all of a sudden they took $50 off my rate for 12 months. Just an FYI for those of you who have service with them. Wink
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Dropped all those services a couple years back and went with a firestick
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I discontinued Direct the middle of August. Dish installed more boxes and the picture is night and day to Direct and to top it off.....I saved $100 from the Direct monthly bill.
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My wife is constantly fighting to get the Direct TV (AT&T) bill reduced. Nothing they say over the phone ever holds up to be true. Every month it's an hour long battle on the phone with these yahoos. We get every worthless Info-mertial channel available (and in several different languages) while missing all the primary channels, and all this for a whopping $214 per month. WORTHLESS is the key word! I'm good to go back to friggin rabbit ears for a signal.

You are probably right Chuck I'll have her look into Dish today. By the way, Hi there!

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Give youtubeTV a try. We have been very happy with it for about 2 years now. THe price has crept up to about $60 per month, but they have also added channels every time it went up.

Unlimited DVR, good on demand content, and best of all, no address restrictions. We use it at both places and dont have to pay extra.

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I'm good to go back to friggin rabbit ears for a signal.

You were going pretty good until you follow up with "I'll have her look into...". All I have is an OTA digital box, that the government paid for by the way (my obama box), for the last, oh I don't know, 8 years or so. If I watch 2 hours of TV a week that would be a lot. Fact is I can't stand to watch TV anymore, I see it for the sales/propaganda/numbing machine it is. Of course if you're into movies that a different facet. And motivating a family to give up the habit would be near impossible. Good luck dealing with the industry as a whole, not much difference between providers, business model wise, as I understand it.

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I've had directv for 10 years and call them every six months to ask for a discount of service and they always give it to me. Generally about 50 bucks off a month

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I pay zero for TV. No internet tv either. Loving it. Meanwhile the neighbor lady has 200 channels on satellite for almost $200/mo and about 2 of those 200 channels are worth watching. My tv is rarely on anyway. Weather events is about it. No time to watch anything and nothing's on anyway, and what is, is filth.
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I canned DirectTV a few months ago when I bought my new smart TV. It connects to the internet & there are plenty of free streaming TV apps out there. Pluto TV comes to mind. Tubi movie app. Also can just connect YOUtube. Launch the internet browser & pull up Motormania. Nothing on my TV is costing my anything. I wish I would have done it a long time ago.
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