Bill Bader
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Another great one gone. Bruton Smith now Bill Bader. RIP
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Damn this is sad....

A role model for anyone on how to run a facility and treat their customers.

Have attended many an event / race at NRP and that guy was top notch.

RIP Bill!!!!

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Bill will always be remembered as a warm, giving human being. An all around good person & an amazing business mind. The entire family has followed his example & carries on the tradition. He will be sorely missed. He was truly an inspiration to all that he met & whose lives he had touched. God speed Bill.
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i really hate to hear this. Bader was a great person and businessman. i got to know him through my Dad during the IHRA days. he called us when hearing of my Dad's passing and was very gracious. he made everyone feel like they were important and truly appreciated people. he was a great person.

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RIP Bill
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RIP Bill. You built one heck of a race track. Was there this weekend and enjoyed it greatly.

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What a terrible loss. He knew what customer service was all about. RIP Mr. Bader.
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Ditto Mr. Floyd


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Sad to hear of his passing. He retired to Riggins, Idaho which was about 75 miles from where I grew up. Nicole and I spent a few days there after our wedding.

It's a Beautiful but rugged area. I seen an ISP report he was involved in a UTV crash only accessible by off road vehicles.

The area is known for white water rafting, salmon fishing, jet boats and hunting.

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He was a great guy to talk to. I`ve been racing at his facility since 1994. I`ve watched it changed over the years. Everything there is state of the art. I remember in 2016 i pulled in and saw a guy changing garbage bags in the 55 gallon drums that are all over the track. It was him. I pulled up to him and asked him why are you doing this job. He smiled at me and shook my hand and said, he wanted an easy job for a change. What a great guy. They broke the mold after him.

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The drag racing world definitely lost a good man with Bill Bader. He knew how to treat the customer, be it a spectator or a racer. I am thankful to have won the 1996 IHRA World Nationals race in Super Rod and have winner's circle pictures with him. He will be missed. Godspeed sir.

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Couldn't agree more w/all that's been said! Both as a person and an owner/operator.
Condolences to Debbie, another great person....
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Great stories told at his memorial service, a few captured in this article

Bill Bader Sr memorial

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He cared about his racers. Some could learn from him. Great guy.
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