What will it run?
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Just bought a 235” racecraft with front suspension. Putting my 355sbc in it and converting my 1.76 glide into a 1.80 straight cut shorty. Also using my 6200 spragless 8” converter. 34x16x16 rear tires and 4.11 mark williams rearend. Planning on leaving around 4500. The engine trans and converter ran 6.20@110 in my Vega that weighed 2230. The Vega had 31x14 rear tires, 4.56 gear leaving at 3800. The dragsters previous owner said the car weighed around 1750 with a sbf. Just curious what everyone thinks the dragster will run with the combination that was in my Vega.
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5.90 ish Smile
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Those big tires and no gear will kill that little engine.
I took Flat top 414 out of a vega that ran 6 teens and put it in a slip joint car and it would only 5.70's with a 33x15x15 tire.
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