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Solar Power
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Originally posted by adv ET 266:
Looks like most of you have roof with a mostly Southern exposure and few big tress, all of which close the door for this outstanding mod to some.
I read 38 SEER. Wow didn’t know that was a thing.

Here you go, they work great. I have 4 in my 6,000 Sq Ft shop and will keep it as cold as you want even in Texas heat and 3 in my house and rarely ever need more than one of them to keep it nice inside. Will eventually do some Solar on the South side of the building I am going to build a Solar patio as I do not want my roof compromised.
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As Frank stated in CT, you are only allowed what you use for power in regards to panels being installed. As far as the environmental impact, here is an article. Environmental Impact of Solar Panel Manufacturing.
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Just had to dig this one up from the archives. A solar salesman came by, first one in a couple of months, I sat him down and let him give me his pitch. When done with his proposal I asked for a amortization printout for the life of the contract, which he hesitantly agreed to. I ran the numbers after he left, and this is what I would be getting: It would save me $408 in year one reducing to $84 dollars in year 5. year 6 would be a break even year, costing me the same as being on grid power. year 7 it would cost me $84 increasing to $456 in year 11. Leaving me paying more for solar than grid for the next 14 years of the contract. They, (and all the other proposals I have received) cannot supply all the KWH's to cover my usage, meaning I would always have a grid power bill on top of the solar bill. Bottom line is I would be paying $5580 a year for power in year 25 with solar or $3745 staying on the grid alone. Even barring grid power increases( which hasnt happened since 2010) the power company would have to have a +/- 70 % increase for their rates to catch what solar is proposing. Im not going to be here in 25 years, so it doesnt affect me, but it might if the kids decide to keep the house when Im gone.
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In California look at your bill carefully. If you see MCE get out of that program. The only time I paid anything was when MCE took over billing and solar for PGE. I’m back with PGE and no bill!

You can opt out online easily.

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My wife and I have a contract to lease our solar system for $149.55 for the term of the contract, 20 years. That amount can not be raised regardless if the San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) rate is increased..... 20 years same monthly fee, $149.55. They also installed a (new) additional 100 amp service panel. If and when we sell this house the buyer has the option to pick up that contract or cancel, then the Solar Company will remove everything, except the new service panel at no charge.

I believe we got a great deal!!!

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I have all the ground space I would need and clear of obstructions. But even with rebates I can’t come close to the three year or so payback even as the start off at the highest output with our rates and sun supply. That’s diy too.

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