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4500 Sbc intake 4150 APD Carburetor There is varies of manufacture that make them What do you guys feel that works the best for air and fuel flow
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I do not think you would ever be able to find any difference between any of them as you are going from a smaller carb to larger intake opening.
I would just look for one that is machined and not made out of the cheap cast.

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I used an Edelbrock 8716 to put my 850 (4150) carb on my Dominator manifold, in an attempt to slow the car 0.5 and it worked well. Summit had it on the shelf then, now showing backordered until late December, but they have a Trans-Dapt P/N 2381 in stock that would do the same job. Edelbrock part is $84, TD is $68. Both include gaskets, TD gives you studs that may or may not work for your setup. My Ed part did not, but I could tell package had been opened before, so maybe they do come with them? Neither includes bolts & nuts to mount the carb on the adapter.
If you are not close to a speed shop or hardware store, make sure you have an assortment of 5/16" studs, nuts, washers & bolts on hand. Several stud kits available & cheap.

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I made my own that works fine.
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