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Pit accident
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At most tracks, the state laws and or track rules state no one without a driver’s license is permitted to operate a motor vehicle of any kind but they are largely not being enforced. Further even those with a driver’s license are speeding thru the pits including in race cars.

We live in a country now where the rule of law only applies to those that respect the law but with no one enforcing rules and laws, more and more will chose not to follow them.
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Thats the truth if I ever heard it....
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It's all about personal responsibility. Most (not all) youngsters today have not been taught personal responsibility or respect. Parents of these kids will defend their poor behavior, right or wrong. These young people are not the problem, it's their lazy arsed parents who are willing to abdicate parental guidance to the government, school system, etc.
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Originally posted by nomad:
I was involved in a pit accident last Saturday at Bradenton. I had slowed to turn left into my pit area when a younger fella and his pal passed me on the left in a golf cart. All of a sudden he was there and I was on the ground with my scooter at my feet. It really rung my bell.
I ride that scooter 10 or 15 mph which is fast enough to get anywhere but, not fast enough for this punk. Witnesses said he was hauling ask down the road and I had no chance even if I’d seen him. Did almost no damage to the bike but scraped me up pretty good. The shoulder I landed on I could sleep on that night and my neck is just now becoming painless. I didn’t say much to the guy but one of this witnesses tore a few strips off his ask.

I’m good enough that I can fly two lessons on Thursday whereas I didn’t think I was going to be able.

We have to slow down in the pits if we’re in a pit vehicle or a race car.

Dang, Bruce, glad you are ok. That really could have been very bad. In my mind, NO racer has a legitimate need for an unlicensed child to be operating their pit vehicle. The tracks could help themselves by partnering with local law enforcement to have a presence in the pits. They also could frequently announce reminders of pit safety rules over the PA. Some parents would grumble if their kid got a ticket for violation. Maybe ticket the parent too, for allowing it? Big Grin And yes, we all see the dummy racer who loses a round, grabs his yellow timeslip and blasts down the return road. His day is done, so how to enforce or deter against that?

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