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08 Yamaha drive (YDRE) electric.

won't go. No click from the solenoid. In reverse the beeper does not beep. I am thinking controller (still has the factory Moric controller). Battery pack shows 50.1v. Pedal switch is making contact. I have 48v at the r/w wire at the solenoid but it is not grounding the other wire. I have disconnected the solenoid and then manually applied +48v and ground and the solenoid is working.

Does that sound like a controller failure?

Oh, also tested the motor. Does not show to be shorted (tested from A1 to case, A2 to case, etc).

New to golf cars, hence the reason for asking.
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BIL had an 09 and had to put in a new Moric controller in his.Same.. no reverse alarm. He thought the same on the solenoid. No click.
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