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Trivia post about Gary Harwood
The thread about Chevy II fiberglass hood inspired this post.

A trivia post about Gary Harwood. He began operations in Dallas in 1975. He sold some speed equipment and some of his own design parts. Ladder bar kits, fuel cells, other hardware. His first nationally marketed product and highly successful part was the simple snorkel scoop that every car in the country had. Adorned with a "Harwood" decal that was the same height as the side of the scoop. Jenkins, Sox and Martin, Dyno Don, Warren Johnson, Bob Glidden, plus thousands of others.

In 1979 he moved operations to Tyler Texas. Then he began to expand the market offerings into fiberglass hoods, fenders, deck lids, doors, dash housings, roadster bodies, and super gas roadster chassis. The Roadster chassis was built in house by Tod Bevis, who began working for Gary while in high school. It is one of my favorite accomplishments to have finished and raced successfully the first Harwood 27 super gas roadster in the spring of 1981. Gary featured it in a several full-page National dragster ads which I proudly have in my scrapbook. He also did a full size 55 Chevy body which I provided as the pattern. Also, my 1990 Firebird in still in the catalog. As you can see, I have enjoyed a long-time relationship with "Mr. Harwood." My shop was a local outlet for his products for many years. He would not sell to many people locally, mostly focused on the wholesale market. I was privileged to be associated with Harwood Products.

With declining health, Gary sold the complete operation in 2018. The new owner continues the tradition. You can find the new owner's story at EHarwood.com. 

Gary is age 85 and in assisted living. The only shirts in his closet are black tee shirts with a Harwood logo. At the facility they call him "Mr Harwood". That is proper and respectful.

Larry Woodfin

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Cool story
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Thanks for sharing Larry! Great history.
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Nice read!


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Very interesting story Larry, thanks for sharing it with us.

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Larry I haven't seen Mr. Harwood in about three years. The last time I saw him was at Ronnie Marshall's house. I didn't know he was in an assisted living facilty.

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Great read Larry! Thank you for sharing!
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