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D3 ET.finals moving to norwalk. I guess I just assumed it would always be in Indy.
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From the stories I've heard the last few years, The only good thing about Indy was the history, otherwise a rundown facility in need of repairs. Nice to see it moving to a world class facility like Norwalk and knowing how the Bader family do things, it will be a major production and of the utmost professionalism....
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Look who owns Indy and who owns Norwalk. Their is you answer.
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IMO, Indy made and still makes the most sense. It is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the division so travel for everyone is about as equal as it could be. And while the place isn't no Norwalk and is not as nice as it once was it still is plenty adequate for the task.

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Look back at when the IHRA Division Finals were held at Norwalk. Always well managed and a great time!!!
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No worse than IHRA Div 2 people driving from South FL to Darlington. I would rather ride than race at a wore out facility.
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Well if I made team finals I would be racing for Summit Motorsports Park and would still be 125 mile tow.
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