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Hearing loss
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Originally posted by TORQIN:
Was approved by insurance for hearing aids late last year...its a must according to that lady that been telling me what to do for 32 years...

Going next week, I cant hear chit...

Still chuckling over my buddy hearing the bad wheel bearings on the Shopping Carts... Laughing very hard

Chris you know fixing problem will take away the I did not hear you excuse.Right?

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Silly story, I drive a2002 gmc peekup . I was always so proud of it I kept telling people that it doesn't have a rattle in it . Went to the VA last year ,they told me I needed hearing aids. I went back a couple weeks later and picked them up . On the drive home my pickup sounded like it was going to fall apart . When I said something to my wife she told me that my stories about no rattles was a continuing joke with all my friends. The ones I received from the Va are excellent ,rechargable ,no stinking batteries to change. I should have done it years ago.
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