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Put some PVC together and now found a very small leak, Guess I did not twist the connection well enough. Does anyone know an easy repair to the leaking joint. Be nice if there was a brush on sealant to do this, but any suggestion will help.
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did do use both parts of sealer. the blue die then the glue? yes should twist then set in place and glue should come with brush.

You can try to recoat with bith around leak. Probably not going to work. Best i9s to buy new fittings and redo it. Sorry, but IMO best solution. We have tried to do over crap and worked maybe 5% of time.

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You know what you need to do. I understand hoping for an easy fix but I have done a lot of pvc back in my oilfield days and have never found one that would hold pressure.

Many times the last connection can't be twisted. You just have to make sure the od and id are covered completely with glue and give a few extra seconds for the glue to melt the pipe and fitting. Slip straight as possible.

Sorry man.

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Is it drain or pressurized water feed? Any brush on deal is a hack, cut it out and redo it. If it's a water feed throw the PVC in the trash and use PEX.
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PVC glue actually causes the parts to chemically weld together, just cut it out and do it right.
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Need more information....size, purpose, wet, sanitary??

There's a slick cutting tool that you can use to save a connector for re-use, on the 1 1/4" and larger stuff..

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Trying a patch won't take up much time. I cross threaded the pipe that goes into the wall for a shower head. No way it wasn't going to leak. I put Ultra Gray RTV on it and it's held for years. So I would scuff up the PVC, try and force as much material into the void and hope for the best. Let us know how you come out one way or the other.

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One trick is to take the new coupling after you have cut out the screw up and use a Dremel tool or die grinder to remove the ridge inside. This then allows you to put glue on the inside of the coupling and slide it on far enough to then slide it back over the newly replaced pipe. Kind of hard to explain but YouTube shows several examples. Good luck.

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