Dually tires ???
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Afternoon, Time to replace the tires on my dually, wondering what brand tire people are liking ?? Size is LT235/80R17. Thanks jjj
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Originally posted by WHOMPWHOMP:


Working for the Weekend!!!!
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I love Michelin, but they're pretty expensive. My tire guy hooked me up with Hercules brand recently. They have a great wararnty. As he told me, if one is damaged/unrepairable, it's replaced at full value. That is, I get a new tire even if the damaged one is less than half tread left, and I pay nothing. I've had Goodyears that I ended up paying a depreciated amount. Never had to replace a Michelin due to damage, so I can't speak for them. So far, at aprox 2000 miles, I'm liking the Hercules.

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I am usually a Michelin man for my street vehicles "that matter" because they are the best for sure. But BFG Commercial T/A seemed like a good alternative to Michelin to try, and I did on my dually a few years ago and was happy with them. BFG was part of, or owned by, Michelin at that time, so I said what the heck...
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Michelin is my favorite but I agree the price is hard to swallow. If that were my truck, I'd look at the Firestone Transforce or Hankook Dynapro.

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03 Silverado, Duramax. Last 2 sets of tires were Transforce. Good tires, will buy them again.
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Has anyone tried the General Grabber HTS 60 in load E ?? It’s a Highway / All Season tire that is very moderately priced and placed #5 out of 39 comparable tires on Tire Rack tests.

Reading the Tire Rack reviews from truck owners it looks like a 50 – 60k mile tire.

I did purchase one of these General Grabber HTS 60 as a replacement of the 9 yr old original spare tire on my truck because of the low price.

I have Michelin Defender LTX M/S load E with 62k on them now with over half of that towing and look like they’ll go to 100k on a 4wd 1500.

No matter the mileage, at 7 yrs of age I’m looking at replacing and not running less than 4/32 of thread.
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I bought Cooper Discoverers for my Dodge last Spring. The Michelin's dry-rotted before they wore out. Truck is an '02, and still had the original LTX M/S2's on it (36k miles). I just couldn't justify the cost to put them back on.
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