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Verge Quick Outlaw Series cancelled for 2024
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Rumors and facts spread faster than I can type, but here is everything I can provide to you up front. Please read everything below as this will answer most questions. I am sure I will be speaking with most if not all of you within the following week or two. If I miss a call from anyone, I will reach back out shortly.

As of today, Verge Motorsports will be suspending operations for the 2024 season. However, the 2024 tracks have already been informed and some are already working together with one another to continue bringing you quality 4.70 and 4.50 index racing. As you all know, London Dragway has an existing 4.70/4.50 championship. Beech Bend, Edgewater, and London are now discussing together what they may do. Look for these three to provide information shortly on what they will do for 2024. Keep watching their pages and websites for updated information.

Montgomery still plans to host an event this next weekend, please check their page this evening for further information, Brad has quickly put something together to fill the warm-up race void. WWTR in St. Louis is also evaluating their plans as well.

My ability to focus enough time and effort around building and sustaining Verge has become significantly more limited with my additional work responsibilities here at Lokar. It would be wrong for me to attempt to host sub-par events, deviating from what you all have come to know and love. As everyone knows, there is a financial aspect to operating a series as well, which I pair with not having the time to seek out sponsorships and provide the necessary deliverables back to them as I had in the past. To put this in perspective, while we have had some of our sponsorships shrink or even collapse, others have been interested in getting involved or growing, but I haven't been able to properly spend the time to get them onboarded. I encourage everyone to support the tracks and the sponsors that help them going forward. I will be supporting them where I can. If I had the time and focus to give, I feel that this would have been achievable, even if it had to be for a different purse structure, but time is now my limiting factor.

I love the Verge family that we have built together and hope that we are all able to keep index racing together for years to come. I know this comes as a shock to some, late news to others, difficult for some as well, and I deeply apologize to each of you. My goal in concluding this is to make sure you all still have great tracks to race. These tracks have been great to Verge and they are stepping up big time to try and continue what I cannot do at this time.

Memberships: Refunds are being processed for everyone who had entered for the season already. Look for this to come through in 7-10 days back to your paypal or credit card based on how you paid.

Thank you to all the sponsors we've had over the past few years. Thank you to the Verge team who helped operate the events. And thank you to the racers and tracks that all participated in the fantastic years that we got together.

The Outlaw Trailers Jr Dragster Memorial Day Race at Crossville has not changed at this time - this event is being hosted by Crossville Dragway and Outlaw Trailers.

Again, I love you all for the support and kindness throughout the years together.

-Jeffrey Walls
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