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Needing to replace an Ipad which has aged out. Looking for a few ideas on models/brands I should look at. Any suggestions will be helpful as I am pretty well computer illiterate.
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I have an Ipad and had a MS surface which I didnt like because it wasn't as user friendly to me as the Ipad is. So to me the Ipad is the only way to go for a tablet. I had one with internet which cost an extra 30 dollars a month but with a hotspot on my phone, I dropped the internet on the Ipad and just use the hotspot if I am out of wifi range which is getting hard to do these days. My hotspot on my phone is actually faster than the internet connection at my house.
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When you say iPad, do you mean the actual Apple tablet or are you referring to a generic tablet? If it was a true iPad from Apple and you liked it, you should probably go the same route but newer model. Apple's UI is different from most others and if you're used to it, there can be a learning curve for something else. It doesn't have to be the newest because new Apple anythings tend to be quite expensive, but a model or two back shouldn't be bad.

Personally, I've always preferred Android and have had good luck with Samsung stuff. I just recently got a Tab S6 Lite and love it so far.
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