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Riddle me this....
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Why are the misguided idiots who are always blabbing about "our Democracy", (it's NOT, but that's a different discussion) so intent on satisfying the whims of the smallest groups of our population?
Any why do these woke people always feel like EVERYONE has to fit into one of their boxes?

goob- asking for a friend

goob2- i guess that was 2 questions.....i lied.

"Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular."
Dave Cook
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The boobs were not educated they were thoroughly indoctrinated with an ideology that doesn't let them think rationally about events.
They blindly follow what their masters say is right, that wasn't fatal to our nation when AMERICANS were leading the blind but now that we have marxist/communists calling the shots the nation is DOOMED!

Later, Bill Koski
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...the nation is DOOMED!

Bill knows, unfortunately. People are so prone to live in the here and now and ignore the lessons of history and the nature of mankind. Some of the naive think salvation is just one election away, it's not. There is no political will, by either party, to address the many systemic problems the USA and the world face. Throw in oppressive centralized, no moral compass, control made possible by computerization and wallah you have Bill's DOOMED.

Illegitimi non carborundum
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Think about this.

Who wants to erase history?
Why would you? Answer in Canted valves post
Is it not ironic that the folks wanting to are also pushing one world order.
What country most stands in the way?
How would you say is best way to end that problem?
Think of any country that has done a lot to get that achieved. Maybe with a virus.
Ironic that they would be behind same group pushing to erase our history or lets say alter it?
Same group pushing for free drugs for all.Hey fuked up people are easier to fool!

Maybe same group pushing the ideology or idiotology that Bill referenced?

Same one punishing anyone against them or allowing other to do their dirty work for them?

Almost makes you almost admire the masterful planning and time it has taken to get it to point it is with very little to no resistance.

How the hell did it get to the point it is at?

I am no way saying folks on both sides are not involved. All in pursuit of one or two things. Money and power and yes they are the same thing. here does seem to be lot more on one side than the other. Maybe they just hide it better.

ow as to OP's question. Beats the hell out of me as does my question how the hell did we get here?

America home of free. Brought to you by 2nd amendment.
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