fair or crooked
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Lets see what general consensus is,

Lets try to keep comment to medium tone and see if poll can finish w/o being booted

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So what level of fair or crooked do you believe
  Fair and biden clear winner
  Crooked as can be
  Some irregularities but that happens
  Enough issues to justify recounts for states in question
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I think there are enough inconsistencies in this election to justify further investigation, which may lead to a recount. Or even disqualify some ballots if need be.

There may not be any 'hard' evidence of tampering with the system.....at least not yet. But men have been sent to prison for life based on circumstantial evidence.

It really takes little to throw an election, it seems. What I mean by that is, for example, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. Biden leads Trump by only about .7%. By my math if one more voter in 150 or so had voted for Trump, he would have taken those states.

In Arizona, Biden lead Trump by .5%. That indicates to me that if one more voter in every 200 had voted for Trump, he would have at least tied with Biden.

In Georgia, Biden's lead is even smaller, at just .2%. That's two-tenths of a percent. By my math, if Trump could have swung over just one voter in every 500, he would at least tie with Biden in Georgia.

Again, what I'm suggesting is that a relatively very small number of ballots would need to be tampered with or miscounted or something to tip the scale in this election

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