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I am posting this here in the political section as it has to do with politics.I am not saying that I 100% believe it all,but it is very disturbing how Facebook,Twitter,and You Tube will all remove and censor it.We will see how long it stays at Rumble.
The guy spent a lot of time and money producing a documentary.I believe that in the interest of free speech,he should be allowed to report his opinions without all of the censorship that is taking place.

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Yep. The new Ministry of Truth within the Politburo isn't going to like that one bit. Take care. Tom Worthington

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Hey give them credit they stole little here, little there, little more some where else and it all added up to enough to get the job done. Yet if one or two or proved fraud its not enough to over turn the end result.

I really doubt there will ever be a legitimate election in this country again. Hopefully I am wrong.

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