Nitrous to ProCharger?
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After several years running nitrous oxide with racing gas in Top Dragster, we are moving to a new ProCharger combination with a F-3R-112 “Side Slinger”.

We will be running alcohol for the first time in many years and the RacePak V300 computer provides many more options on measuring events than in the past.

Serious questions for those actually running supercharged alcohol engines:
[normal reading of the spark plugs first, of course!]
o RacePak EGT’s: Alcohol - what temperature range is normal for safe performance?
o RacePak A/F sensors: Alcohol - Which is more accurate and/or easy to tune to? Lambda or Air/Fuel ratio? What is a normal safe performance range for each?
o Which is best for my four RacePak A/F sensors:
• Which cylinders? [Currently #3 and #6 cylinders] add the two new ones to #2 and #7 for measuring corner cylinders OR ??
• Two cylinders [which ones?] and the collectors [we will switch to zoomies later]?

We will baselining the engine on the dyno before TnT runs, and would like to get a head start on expected values!
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egt 1225 and lean from there
o2 i use gas scale 4.4 and lean from there
5&6 for a good read, try corners with other two for zoomies
collectors for o2 if thats what you run
run low timing 22 or so and work up

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