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What happened to all of the Top Dragsters?

At the Sportsnationals,there are only 21.

There used to be so much discussion about the bump spot,etc.

And Top Sportsman only 15?
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PDRA race the same weekend and the luster is going off the NHRA experience in TD and TS there entry fee was 390.00 for the weekend with 100 crew and 100 test and tune trow in fuel to get there previously you had to run 6.30 to make the cut……and your racing for 1500.00 to win divisional with limited contingency money…TS same story..6.70 bumps 4.50dragsters and 4.70door car series racing for 7500-10000 almost every other week..the NHRA TS and TD program will be hard to sell without some changes
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Looks like indy is full and looking extremely fast
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Without question TD/TS is struggling a little bit to get full fields of fast cars, hard to say what the cause is, hopefully just a phase.

Indy this year is full and will be fast. D4 alone is sending 16 fast 6.10 capable cars. I am looking forward to being part of it
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