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spread axle trailer tire wear
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Have seen quite a few post about spread axle trailer wearing tires worse than std. Question I have.Tri axle trailer does rear tires or front tires wear quicker than if it was dual axle?

Reason I am asking.Some have seen my post on building trailer. Plans underway. Will be tri axle all aluminum when finished. As a get me to track now or sooner deal. I am thinking about building open trailer and adding enclosure part later, Weight as open will be lot less and dual axles will be more than enough weight capacity, Cutting a grand of step one don't hurt either. Thinking if I leave middle axle out and build with front and rear its a spread axle,wide spread. Why would wear on either axle be more than with 3? Unless pivoting off middle reduces it some how. Ideal itsa not,but it is what it is.
Let me hear arguments either way on spread deal,not about rather I should build cheap now,buy instead of build or anything other than why 2 is bad idea or reason to do all 3 is lot better.

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Any spread will scuff. It the nature of the beast.
Picture this. Take 2 stationary points and spread them even further apart. chalk up the tread area. make the turn and look..This is a common issue with Semi trailers that are spread.. Cracking certain area of the frame. A lot of guys have what they call dump valves which drop the air bags either from or rear or front. This is in the trucking industry. Not in like our sport. I keep an eye my 44' and rotate them twice a season. Front to back and back to front. On years past, i would do ah say 50-70 rotates and flips a year on the trailer spreads.
When your out driving around with the ole girl and see a flat bed with a spread making a turn, look at the roll and scuff.It will look like the tire is canting to the side from drag. theory is all the same. Scuff.

The concept is basically weight distribution.
Would i own a spread.. nope. Bad enough i have to work on them to pay the rent. lol

Chris, what do you think your weight "Might" be?
I went from a Pace 24 to a 44 3 axle. got rid of the goose and went 5th wheel set up. Ya its over kill for my tiny operation but i couldn't pass on the deal. $12000 and it was loaded. Full cabinets even above the wheels wells. Guy i bought it off of had it spec built. He was Pi** when the new 28 he bought came with the coyne floor in it and it started to bubble and lift. and this was from a top manufacturer. Nows the seasons end and the market will increase with used trailers. The deals are out there to be had.Dealers, dead inventory. dead money.

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