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Just curious, how many runs/seasons are you getting out of a set of slicks? What do you see happening when they go away? Please also include the type of vehicle and how fast it is.

I just put 215 runs over 2.5 seasons on a set of Hoosier 33.5x17x16 on my 7.40 dragster. This past weekend my 60' moved .003 all day. I don't think there's anything wrong with those tires but I'm replacing them this week anyway. I got my money's worth! Going back to MT 3183.
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I am running 14 x 32 Hoosiers on a 2000lb roadster running 5.80-5.90s for most of the passes and 5.60-5.70s this year. I have 324 passes on them right now with 35 of those this year. Footbrake car 1.24-1.27 typical 60'.

I do small burnouts and keep the car in a heated trailer all winter. At this point I don't see the need to change and if they make it all summer it should be around 400 to 420 passes as a guess. Then they will get changed for sure. If they fall off at some point I will change them before then.

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over 200 on both cars...3195 4.50s and 3191 4.70s. When tree goes away sidewalls are done IMO.

Depends on length of burnout as well,have seen the 4.70 car go 300 laps before changing the tire out of guilt.
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