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Building a 489 stroker BBC 12.5 comp. for my heavy super street car. Thinking about a cam change to a "single pattern solid roller in lieu of the normally used dual pattern. Maybe it doesn't make a difference, but if some have tried both I'd like to hear about the difference. My set up is the normal 3000 lb. car, with glide 1.98, 4.71 9" Ford. If I need to give more info. Ask. Thanks
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Ever consider a hydraulic roller cam ?

This is a low compression pump gas 496.

All the specs, part#'s are in the video description.

This is a Crower cam.

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I would call bullet Cams and talk to them and see what they recommend. They will ask you what you have, where you trying to improve and get you a good cam.

In fact I would call several companies before you make a cam decision and you will learn things. Years ago I needed a cam and I called all of the major companies. One of the major ones literally said "Big Block or Small Block? Drag racing or Circle track? Okay here is cam you need" Did not ask what transmission, rear gear, cubic inches, what I was doing with car, stall, heads, valve springs or anything. No way they could give me a good cam recommendation with no information.

Bullet asked a bunch of questions and then told me there are two different cams we would recommend and gave me information to pick the one I thought would be best for me. Since then I have bought several from Bullet and pleased with all of them.

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I've got an 11.5:1 solid roller camshaft 496 I'm working on presently.

I'm sticking this in it. Bad dude.

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Used that cam in a 477 15 yrs or so ago.Same specs,except it wasn't a 4/7 swap.Comp 11-703-9......Averaged 5.0's in hard tail dragster,But did dip into high 4.90's occasionally...Still have one on hand....
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Not sure why you'd want to run a single pattern cam over a dual pattern. Yeah, they can make good power, but they are far from optimum. A dual pattern cam can provide much better timing/lift events for intake and exhaust, which can perform better. A custom cam is always the better choice as well.

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