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timing pulled for nitrous/rotor phasing
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Originally posted by sc4087:
Originally posted by The Bozman:

Laughing Hard

You don't know how seriously I've considered doing that! LOL I just don't have the balls to momentarily tap the over ride button

Was part of my normal routine when I drove a dragster back in the early 2000's. Eveything was hidden and fit neatly into the scoop tray.

I would purge it into the scoop during the burnout and bled it off on the return road after every run.

What size jet does the purge have? lol

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I know a certain exhibition racer who may have done half track burnouts using spray.

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LOL, that's just example I used for simple math. I actually pull more than that out and at one point in the run I have 26-27 out with the launch retard. I do like Nitrous1's suggestion to lower the initial though. Never thought of that. Might try it but i have a hard enough time starting a burnout as it is with converter as tight as it is so I can't take too much away from it.[/QUOTE]

footbrake it in the burnout to get on the converter to start at a higher torque output. what size jet(s) are you running to yank that much out or is this a timing sensitive combo like a sb2?
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Here is my thinking for what it is worth. I have learned through my many dyno pulls that many people are running way more initial timing than needed. So right now I am running 28* where was told that motor should have at least 38*. It is easier on the motor and a safer tune up. I would definitely try lower initial timing until it slows down then go back up 2* or so for baseline.

As for phasing I would set it where you are under highest load and most likely to tear up stuff if it is wrong. Set the phasing right when it is on the Nitrous with all kits in.

If you could run lets say 6* less initial then you may not need to pull quite as much out on the Nitrous making the phasing less of an issue.

I do not run Nitrous so I can not tell you from broken piston experience but I always like to be on safe side.
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