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SLE Issue
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About a month ago my wifes dragster SLE Didn't come to full throttle right away had lag then was fine and been fine I tested it a number of times nothing until this weekend 3rd round she is .003 opponent .080 and car leaves slow like throttle not completely full throttle 60 foot off from 1.15 to 1.27 and 1/8 mile 5.03 to 5.27 same mph as usual but cant run number obviously .... dam it ... any ideas ?
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I had my SLE last year have a similar problem.

I found that there was a issue with the c02 solenoid that was intermittently not holding the pressure when the SLE released. I ended up replacing the SLE and have not had an issue since.
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Try a drop or two of air tool oil in the line before valve.

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Chris Reynolds had a similar issue round 6 at Cecil County last weekend, luckily the guy was red, said it happened once before and no idea why.
Diceman idea sounds like a good idea to try.

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Adding little tool oil sounds like good idea and going to add to maintenance list.

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It might not hurt to take a look inside the solenoid. It doesn't take much of a piece of junk to get between the piston and the tower to make them hang open, not open at all or somewhere in between.

If you refill a lot you may want to grab one of those nitrous filters to go between your mother bottle and the on car bottle.

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I have a similar issues off and on in the past. It turned out that there was some slack in the cylinder on the throttle cable and ball socket (that connects to the ball on the carb) and it allowed the cylinder to move radially and sometimes hang on the underside of the carb top.

Not sure if I explained that well enough to understand, but it caused me some headaches for a few weeks.

Note: It wasn't a lot of movement... didn't take much.

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