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If you're using an aftermarket rear roller bearing support piece is there any reason to still have the rear case bushing in place? Seems to me you're supporting the output shaft in two places just an inch or so apart using both.

Also - does anyone know if a TSI Pro-tree brake is a double dump configuration? And if not, does anyone know the modification(s) that would be required to make it one?
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For a pro brake, yes the case has to be drilled AKA... double dump..

Brief summary.. TCI tho

And yes Greg from FTI is the man with the plan..
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Yes you should leave the case bushing in for support and oil control. That brake has the capacity to be used as a double dump but the best advice would be to not make those modifications to reduce oil volume required to set the brake which can cause more grief than its worth for release time anyway.

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