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Check your chassis
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It is getting near end of season. I recommend everyone remove all body panels and check every weld for cracks (or rust which may be evidence of crack) every off season.

Also on rear engine dragsters high stress area is bottom bar right behind drivers cage. Look really close in that area where vertical bar is. If you have a slip joint on top bar look really close in that area and bottom bar directly below it. Of course the vertical bar that attaches to it to.

Front engine dragsters /Altereds etc. look at bottom bar on frame right around rear motor plate.

All four link cars look closely around the bottom bar mounts where it welds to rear housing. That is weakest link in that area. The front of the four link check for damaged holes and check all of your rods ends.
Then I would remove the shocks and make sure rear end moves freely with no binding or sticking through whole arc of suspension travel. If you have an issue get it resolved. May be bad rod ends or binding in the Anti-Roll Bar or what ever just get it fixed.

Dragsters check real close bottom side of front A-Arms for cracks in welds or bars there. They get a lot of stress there. Top horizontal bar is in compression and it will usually not fail unless bottom bar fails.

Most front strut Altereds and dragsters have weak from A-Arms. They are long and they flex which will eventually crack them. On my Altered I put a bar going from top of both struts from one side to the other. Makes it much stronger and will last. If you have flex you will have problems.

Good idea to get car up on jack stands or something to get weight off the front tires and then put a floor jack under each front tire and raise it up while looking for any flex or movement in the A-Arms or chassis. That is how I found my problem and most all of them are designed the same.

If you see a rust looking powder anywhere near a weld look very close at it. That could be an indication of a crack that is hard to see and getting worse.

One other thing to check is the welds on the front steering rack and pinion. Seen tire shake break one and guy lost all control.

Just go over your car from front to back and check it close.

Look most of you guys know to do all of this and there may be more I forgot but just wanted to remind you to check your stuff. Even if you have a fresh chassis certification those are things they do not check so it is up to you.
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Good way to find any crack. While wiping down chassis use a can of brakeclean wet any suspect areas wipe off surface brakeclean will stay in crack making it much easier to see

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Great advice!

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