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Best Radiator
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Who is currently making the best radiator on the market? Overall cooling capabilities as well as longevity. Will go in a 66 Chevy ii

Looked at: Ron davis, griffin and mishimoto. Any I’m missing? Looking for some first hand real world experience

Thank you
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Afco is another. If I wanted a “racing radiator” I’d be buying Ron Davis or Afco. That said, if it were mine, I’d find a GM aluminum radiator that works in that car.


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I have ran Afco in my door cars in the past. My son is building a street strip Pro Charged Dakota pick up and Afco just build him a custom radiator to his specs. Even during Covid they got it done in 6 weeks and were very easy to work with and the radiator is a very nice piece
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I've run Davis and Saldana, both very nice.

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I put a Northern Radiator "race Scirroco" in the S10. All tig-welded, really nice piece. You can get AN outlets of hose type. Cost was about $190.00 instead of $300+ for "name brands". designed by racers for racers.

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I've used them all, not really much of a difference to be honest.
I usually find the size I need in the universal fit and end up making/welding tabs on the tanks for mounting.
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I have a Ron Davis radiator in my car, absolute craftsmanship top to bottom !

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anyone ever ran a pro-form radiator? Opinions?
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I run a C&R in my car so there is another option. They aren’t cheap but it’s a nice piece. Most of the all aluminum radiators should work well. Can’t speak to the fit and finish if it’s an import version though.

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Will probably join Toad 1 in using the Northern brand in my new to me chevy 11 also-great price and good quality part

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Both C&R and Ron Davis are top notch build quality, but neither are cheap.
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