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Valve Body Recomendations
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Thinking about replacing my 20+ year old Coan Valve body. What's your experience with certain brands and billet or cast iron style Powerglide pro brake units?
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I have a cast iron Abruzzi in my TD and it works just fine and is reasonably priced. The COAN billet looks like a real nice piece but I worry about long term consistency with the billet aluminum valve bodies. Plus the Coan price tag is twice as much as my Abruzzi. I had one of the early FTI billet valve bodies and it was great at first but got real inconsistent after a couple of years. I may be off base but my thinking is the steel valves wearing the aluminum bores in it causing issues.
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For years we ran TSR cast iron. Last year we got two fti billet valve bodies and so far they've been great.

Denis LeBlanc

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TCI Iron here. My thoughts exactly. Steel valve in an aluminum bore.
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I'll tell ya who has a bad dude fast valve body and we ended up with a couple of them by chance. We had a pressure regulator valve sticking at a race so we needed a valvebody and fast, first round looming in an hour. I looked at the two Transmission venders supporting the race. I remembered JW was in the Pro Tree valvebody wars back in the day when a 454 was considered a big engine in Super Comp. We bought one for a radial tire heads up car and went double O's immediately from .030-.040. It's kinda odd they don't hit the tire stupid hard but when you look at the ticket, it's a good light. The owner of the car bought a second he was so impressed. I put it in my 3200 lb 10 x 28 tire N/A sbc Nova and the car has been double 0's on the same .370 pro tree Bradenton. That's not supposed to be possible staged shallow 3200 lbs 10 x 28 tire.

They're a little pricey for an Iron Valvebody I think, but they both performed identical. Someone has it going on for JW, in that department.

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