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6th Annual Northeast Shootout at Atco - April 28-29th
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Well, it's that time again, time to light the fires and burn some tires as the Mid Atlantic .90 Series rolls into Atco For Race # 1 & 2 of the 2018 Season on April 28th & 29th. As always here is the info you all need for the weekend and what to expect

A couple things on Parking:

**I'm not sure if Atco still does it but, when you pull in don't park in a spot that has a little License Place and Name on it on a fence. They are reserved spots for the weekly bracket racers and they pay $$ for those spots, since they are with us on Saturday please don't park in their spots or you will have to move as long as this is till in place.

**If you're planning on leaving your stuff at the track for the following weekend's NHRA National Open. Dave Mohn has asked if we leave certain area's open for sponsors that support Division 1 so they can have good parking spots for the open. Attached is the area of blocked off spots. If you park in the Black area you will be asked to move if you're leaving stuff there for the following weekend's open. Basically behind the main grandstand and about 6-8 spots in on the middle row of asphalt.

Gates open at 4:30pm on Friday April 27th with Test & Tune and Parking:

*As I always say, Test & Tune is optional, since it's a lot of street cars the track will probably won't be as well glued on Friday Night as it would be on a Saturday or Sunday so run at your own judgement* I think it is $25.00 for T&T on Friday Night & $10.00 for spectators. Yes you will have to pay the gate fee if you're coming in to park before a certain time....this is the tracks rule!!

Gates will be open till around 12pm or when the bar closes and will re-open in the AM around 8am.
If anyone wants to get registration, points sign-up, etc done and out of the way Friday Night your more then welcomed to do that as I should be there around 6pm after work.

Saturday April 28th - Gates Open at 7:30-8am If the line is long by Jackson Road try to fit all on the road...try not to block the road if possible

Gate Fee: $30.00 plus $15.00 Crew per day
.90 Fee: $80.00 per day - Look for the .90 Trailer, Tent & Banner
Membership: $75.00 - Guarantees a $1,000 or more to the winners per race as long as your a member and sticker is on the car. (One time Yearly Fee)

We will run Q1 around 9:30-10am. They have an action packed Saturday so when you're called please come up to the lanes. Tech will be in the lanes so bring all your stuff and make sure it's all in proper dates. Radio Station is 89.7 FM. Juniors will probably be out first as they have a points race that day then maybe the Footbrake series then us for Q1. So we have some time in between runs this time around before Q2. First round is on a ladder and higher qualified gets lane choice, ONCE YOU ARE PAIRED - IF YOU CAN GO UP TOGETHER IN THE PITS, FIGURED OUT WHAT LANES YOU WANT, MOVE UP TO THE FRONT OF THE LANES, YOU CAN CHECK TIRE PRESSURE, GET READY, ETC UP AT THE FRONT OF THE LANES....Someone has to go down first!! We have a lot of racing to do and can't have the stalemate in the lanes -- we will go to designated pairs at the next event if this doesn't improve.

Racers BBQ: As I've mentioned before the first race of the season will be the 1st Annual Beth Keister Memorial Meatball Feast. Anyone who knew my Stepmom before she got sick and passed away, she always made it a point at the last .90 race of the season to come down and have friends & family come to watch "Uncle Bob" Race and have Meatball Sandwiches. So in her honor the first race of the season, the Saturday Night BBQ will be Meatball Sandwiches. If anyone wants to bring a side or dessert please let me know. The Senft team is making homemade French Fries for the night and even if you don't bring a side please come out and enjoy the company & food rather you're a member or not.

Sunday, April 29th - Gates Open at 7:30-8am

Same Costs as Saturday

We will run Q1 around 9:30 - 10am as all they have is Motorcycle, T&T & Nostalgia that day so it will be a little quicker paced program then on Saturday. Pretty much same program as Saturday

Any questions - Rob Keister 856-332-2851 (Shoot me a Text or Call after 5pm) or E-Mail me here or hit me up on Facebook Messenger.
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