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Haunted car
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Ok maybe not aunted. Might should have titled it throw the owner abone once in while.

Took car out cpl weeks ago and made 3 decent runs. Last one was 4.87 lifting before finish line because back end skating alittle, was T-N-T with bunch street crap running.

This week I sepnd two days going thru some stuff needing attention and actual finishing not A&T engineered(sounded batter). Go to track unload set up fire car cpl times. Get ready to make TT and while backing up no brakes,peddle on the floor. I pull caqr back into pits. Check things out find some fluid on floor pan around rearend. I have strong pedal. Maybe should have made pass but figure stupuid to take chance.

This thing just seems to fight me on getting runs in and some track time.Every time I want to make some runs .Something happens,mostly something stupid and/or others induced time consuming stuff.

Makes you think there4 is something you missed and need to find before the racing gods will let you play.

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