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Feel the Bern
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Here's a guy who didn't receive a regular paycheck until he was in his 30's. Like a broken record: "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the vast majority in the middle are having a harder and harder time."

Ok. I don't think I am having a harder time since Trump has been in office. In fact, the worst anchor around my neck is the taxes I pay. Black people are doing better. Poor people are doing better. Rich people are doing better. We are all doing better. Go figure. Ignore the big bonus we are all getting from Trump being President. Let's focus on what others have.

"The middle class is withering. Inequality is a crisis. Give every illegal immigrant free health care. What a sad damn victim!

Let's not feel the Bern after all.

If everything is racist, nothing is racist.
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Unfortunately identity politics and other forms of victimization politics appeal to a large part of the voting public.

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Bernie Sanders and his "Socialism" pitch is just a con to attract voters. He has the same "I'll make your life better" pitch that another Bernie used a few years ago, that guy's name is Bernie Madoff.

Like Madoff he's not an idiot, he simply has an attractive pitch, like buying a lottery tickets with your home mortgage money and hoping you become a millionaire. Bernie and his wife became wealthy with get rich schemes, her's was bankrupting Burlington College (enrollment of less than 260) in Vermont by purchasing a multi million dollar piece of riverside property from the local Catholic Diocese then hoping it would increase the enrollment total so they could afford the payment. The ploy failed, she bailed, the Church foreclosed on the delinquent loan and the College closed, leaving hundreds of students out in the cold (both literally and figuratively).

Bernie is just a con artist, he doesn't have the skills to manage a Country, or a small College but he does have the skill to bilk folks out of a more precious item, their vote.

At least AOC is a "Slightly" better looking actress when she runs a con, (that is if you are attracted to donkeys).


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just there way of buying votes and never really paying for them. They do it every 4 years and forget about it day after election.
The whole damn democrat party is getting just plain scary.

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Every four years a bunch of these folks make a substantial income by running for the Office of President knowing full well they have no chance to win. The amount of money they make is staggering, most of them are already in Congress so they are "real world" experts on how to bilk the system. Watch the Democratic debate on TV, it's proof they eat their own.

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