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spark plug wire for Blower engine
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Any thoughts suggestions on plug wires for a blown BBC?
I have always ran the MSD wires on my bracket stuff with great success.
Going through an issue with the new blower setup and am trying to systematically replace all components that may somehow remotely be able to cause this engine shutdown on launch.
It has also been suggested to run a resistor spark plug that the RF from the spark plug is causing a problem with the EFI.
So does anyone have a resistor plug number for a BBC 14 mm 3/4 reach 5/8 head?
Any preference of plug wires over the MSD 8.5 stuff?

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I've been running MSD wires with the grid controlling an MSD 8+ for several years with no issues

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I am also using MSD wires with MSD 8+ ignition
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Not familiar with a blower engine but I really like my Magnecor wires. I hear good things about Firecore also. Good luck!

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