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-15 Fire Suits
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I’m interested in purchasing a -15 Fire Suit this winter. Could you please share opinions and advice on who you think has the best two piece -15 suit out there and most importantly why? Thanks for your help!
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I had a Sparco and it was very nice, the fit was a little different than what i was used to (they're more of a European cut) the zipper broke after 6 seasons. Lucky for me it broke at a national event and the simpson trailer was there. they had stuff there to actaully try on and they are really nice. The Simpson gear fits me a lot better. My first fire suit was a -5 from stroud. If i was going to have another one custom made i would go Stroud. With them i took my measurement and sent them in and got a fire suit that fit perfectly.
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I don't know what any one elses experiences are, but we bought our daughter one from Alliance Racewear and are quite happy with it. The only bother, is if a person wants the embroidery, you have to supply images in one specific file type
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Alliance here too, it's been awesome. Like it much better than my Sparco. Less bulky, more comfortable, the zippers work better and I really like the adjustable pull straps on the the waistband.

Great value.

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I been using the Simpson it may feel heavier when holing it but the material is a stretchy material and very comforatable to wear
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