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NHRA TD and TS 1/8 mile?
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Should NHRA go to 1/8 instead of 1/4 like the other fast car organizations?

1/8 or 1/4


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HMMMM People in the South-Yes! NE-Maybe.....West No Way! Laughing Hard

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Full Moon
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No! No!
Usually 32 car fields Nats and no problem with time, 64 at divisional races. Most do 1/8 beacause of the number of cars and time frame.
The only time 1/8 should be considered or used in my opinion is track/weather conditions that dictate change. There are times at the stripe where I’m not ready to lift!

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Why are there time and speed limits for 1/8 mile td and ts racing?

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I’m surprised that all Sportsman classes arent 1000ft by now.
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I wouldn't mind it being 1/8 and I'm a westie! Lol

Might make it interesting to see the N/A cars put some gear in them and hang with the blower/nitrous cars

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